Remembering Florida Coronavirus Deaths

Streams carried much more water before the forests were cut away and the land ‘improved’ by farming. Both the English and French governments had agents and traders in Ohio hoping to secure this land for their country. The French and Indians formed numerous beneficial alliances. FORT LORAMIE — The land we now know as Shelby County was a vast wilderness after the last of the early Indians moved from the area perhaps around 1,000 A.D. There was no Woodland Indian activity until about 1600. Ohio Indian activity at that time consisted of settlements around Lake Erie. There is a substantial risk of loss in trading commodity futures, stocks, options and foreign exchange products. Past performance is not indicative of future results. The customer sends videos to Randy of his live trades. If you go back for about the last 2-3 weeks, you’ll see videos almost daily done by Jim.

Alan Gittelson was a mensch — and he liked to say so. In college, Mr. Gittelson overcame his shy nature and gained an interest in politics. Later in life, he started his own newsletter, The Humanitarian, and wrote frequent letters to the editor. On Facebook, where he wrote about his life, he talked about trying to break into acting and modeling, searching for toledo auto trader & trading post fame after sports. He “was intelligent, kind, had a wicked sense of humor, a deep faith and was full of love,” his family wrote. Byron was known as “Big Teddy Bear” by his family and had a smile that could light up a room, his mother wrote. Mychaela was nicknamed “Kayla Pretty Barbie” and was always serving others, offering a listening ear and sharing advice.

British military occupation in the region contributed to the outbreak of Pontiac’s Rebellion in 1763. Ohio Indians participated in that war until an armed expedition in Ohio led by Colonel Henry Bouquet brought about a truce. Another colonial military expedition into the Ohio Country in 1774 brought Lord Dunmore’s War to a conclusion. Lord Dunmore constructed Fort Gower on the Hocking River in 1774. The prohibition of settlement west of the Appalachians remained, contributing to the American Revolution.

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Thomas Edward Blackburn, 86, Palm Beach

Uncomplaining, always on time, Desi Wysocki-McIntosh was often seen working the counter at her local Tom Thumb. Living in a motel with her husband, she was saving for a place of their own. She worked late hours and wasn’t one to call out sick — even when she probably should’ve. Her family remembers her as a “protector” and “living example of the Golden Rule.” She worked as an employee services manager at a nursing and rehabilitation center.

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Born in Peru as one of 18 children, Mr. Alpiste settled in Miami with his wife, Jenny, and worked as a construction worker. But his family and friends will remember him most for his sense of humor, love of travel and good food, especially Spanish food. He was an accomplished engineer over his 40-year career at Florida Power and Light and NextEra Energy Resources. He also was an avid reader and tried to keep learning throughout his life. As a Poughkeepsie police officer, Douglas Wolfe was known for handing out speeding tickets and for serving as the safety toledo auto trader & trading post director of a bus company. In Florida, he was a school bus driver for Pasco and Pinellas counties. The Boy Scout leader could be found selling the troop’s strawberry jam at school and enjoyed telling stories around the campfire. One parent recalled how his son became an Eagle Scout at Wanner’s encouragement. Fellow scouting parent and co-worker Jennifer Hamilton described him as kind-hearted and thoughtful. Michael Wanner was the first Hillsborough teacher known to have died of COVID-19, though the school district said his death was not work-related.

With a bit of cash, he opened a pizzeria in Florida. When people were hurting, his loved ones said, he fed them. Noreen was an elementary school teacher who loved music. She sang and played the handbell in community and church choirs for many years. She also loved classic movies, traveling, trivia and almost any kind of game, from bowling to crosswords. She was direct and carried a mischievous streak, once calling firefighters to bring their hoses and blast off dirt from the tennis courts where she played. She loved her children and wanted them to be well, demanding they eat vegetables even if she would not.

The French began military occupation of the Ohio Valley in 1753. Fort Miami on the site of present-day St. Joseph, Michigan was constructed in 1680 by New France Governor-General Louis de Buade de Frontenac.They built Fort Sandoské by 1750 . After the French-Indian Wars, one final war occurred immediately before hummingbot auto trading the Revolutionary War. Dunmore’s War was fought between the English and Shawnee roughly between Yellow Creek in Columbiana County and the West Virginia- Kentucky border. The English locals claimed that the Shawnee had been rustling cattle, but it was later concluded that they had lied to facilitate a war.

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Connie Ennor was loved by all, including her daughter, granddaughter and two great-grandchildren. In 1991, the Tampa Bay Times wrote about her and husband Al’s 50th anniversary, which they celebrated with a weekend trip to Naples. The couple had moved to Florida in 1977 from St. Louis and enjoyed activities at the Sunshine Center. Dayana Echeverry was born in Colombia and grew up in Queens. She met her future husband — who she called “my Tony” — in law school. Her fun-loving personality and infectious smile will be how family and friends remember Mary DiSalvo. When she told a story, she laughed all the way through it. DiSalvo, who was born in Italy, was a retired seamstress who had worked at the West Point Military Academy Tailor Shop. DiSalvo also loved to sing, cook and was a dedicated member of All Saints Catholic Church.

Mark Cieslinski lived to be outside, cruising the Treasure Coast shoreline, casting a line for dolphinfish and cobia. His love for the natural world was so strong it gave his children their careers in the sustainability arena. Murray Cherin lived most of his life in South Florida. From the mid-1970s to the 2000s, he ran the Cataldi Agency and represented many up-and-coming and critically acclaimed actors. His happiest times were spent staging community productions in Cherry Grove on Fire Island. She was a “prayer warrior” who memorized Bible verses and wasn’t shy about telling people if she disagreed with them. Fran Carver was retired as a labor and delivery nurse, a career in which she had charmed patients with her sense of humor and outspokenness.

Ms. Berezin was a gifted student who returned to school to earn an accounting degree, easily passing the CPA exam. Over her three-decade-long accounting career, she was made partner at a firm and later established her own. She pushed through prejudiced attitudes about what women could do in the workplace and established herself as a professional. She often gave free lectures to other women about managing finances. Gail Bell worked as a certified nursing assistant and home healthcare nurse across more than three decades. She brought up a family in Pennsylvania, and Bell’s children remember her devotion to them. In place of flowers, the Barretts’ family asked loved ones to get a coronavirus vaccine and stay safe. “It will be hard to imagine we will only have her smile and laughter in our memories and our hearts,” her family wrote. Theodora Balaban, originally from Queens, was a scarf and accessory buyer at Macy’s when she met Irwin at a party.

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In the U.S., he “sacrificed his entire lifetime to his children, so that they had the opportunity to be successful,” his family wrote. A nurse for more than four decades, Rosa Louise Lewis was known for her warmth and joy, which often made her break out in dance. She loved to share home-cooked meals and give to-go containers to guests. Her faith was important to her, and in 2019, she was re-baptized in the Gulf of Mexico, which family describes as one of the most joyous moments of her life. As a lover of crochet, Lou Emma Farlow would donate handmade chemotherapy caps for the AdventHealth Foundation and Hope 2 Help Foundation. She also loved bowling, winning bingo, mosaic art, singing and more. After raising her four children, Farlow started a career as a personal fitter for a bra company. She loved spending time with her family and her Pekinese dog, Sugar. She loved her career as a school crossing guard, and in her free time, she loved listening to Conway Twitty, playing bingo and coloring pictures to give to her family. Judy Barton was quick to make people laugh and was known for both her kindness and feistiness.

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His family called him a “Jack of all trades.” He was a talented artist who loved comics and liked to restore project vehicles in his spare time. He is survived by 10 children, 24 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. Despite enormous hardship, Som was gentle, generous and selfless, his family said. In his 20s, he spent six years in a Buddhist monastery.

  • She also loved her job as a 911 dispatcher for the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.
  • She loved to travel and was proud of having visited places far and wide, like Antarctica and Mount Everest.
  • For years, he recorded every family event, camping trip and activity with a Betamax camera strapped to his shoulder.
  • Laser retired at 44, turning down an offer to be the right-hand man for the deputy director of the CIA.
  • Perhaps the only things he loved more than his faith and family were women.
  • For years, Page worked as a copy editor for different area newspapers, including The Denver Post for more than two decades.

In the later part of Anthony McGlone’s life, he grew interested in playing the ukelele. Mr. McGlone, known to be outgoing and charismatic, also loved baseball. He coached his children in the sport and was a big fan of the Rays. For more than 20 years, Mr. McGlone ran his own business. In his spare time, he volunteered with LifePath Hospice. Born in Ybor City, George Mayor Sr. married his high school btc auto trading sweetheart, Norma, and built a life with her in town during 67 years of marriage. He worked for TECO for more than 30 years and was a sergeant in the U.S. Army for two years, but in his spare time, he was passionate about coaching baseball. In 1978, the big league team he coached placed first in the nation and second in the world. He loved his grand-dog, Porky, and was devoted to family and God.

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He was a veteran of the Air National Guard who always tried to stay strong even as he faced many hardships. When Mr. Dalgleish died, loved ones said he could be remembered through donations to a food bank or their individual savings accounts. They had been together since meeting at a New York City dance, two kids from different boroughs. He worked in sanitation and drove a bus; she was a secretary. They raised a family in Queens and retired to Florida, positioning angel figurines in front of their house. Air Force for three decades, retiring as a colonel and director of its Office of Scientific Research. He had moved around the country with his family but settled into a private job based out of Tyndall Air Force Base in the Panhandle. Tom Curcio was a Naval reserve veteran who married his high school sweetheart, Patricia. He loved his four dogs, Panchita, Pecas, Bella and Chombito. He liked fishing, bowling and gardening with his grandchildren.

In addition to her search for pieces of creatures long gone, Ms. Farrell loved living animals, too, and volunteered for both the SPCA and the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. A University of South Florida graduate, Farley served in the U.S. Marine Corps during the Vietnam War and received three Purple Hearts. He is survived by his wife, three children, hummingbot auto trading 13 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. He first caught site of his future wife on the first day of high school. People said she was snobby, but Egolf said, “I’m going to marry her,” his daughter said. The couple eloped when they were 19 and were married 69 years. William “Bill” Downs never met a tool he didn’t like, his family said.

Whether working as a nurse, volunteering at a hospice or serving as a reading tutor at a local prison, Ms. Eitzman’s loved ones remember she maintained that credo her whole life. They nurtured a big, close family and settled in Florida, where the virus sickened them together, along with two of their children. Granddaughter of migrant farmworkers from Mexico, Samantha Diaz worked her way through school. She landed a job as a medical assistant, with hopes of becoming a registered nurse. She balanced work with motherhood, raising a teenage son and two infants. Mercelie Derolus would travel from Miami to Montreal to care for her host of grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren. She would feed the neighborhood cats, even taking one in that would sleep under her bed. Melba Davis — known as “Moosie” to her family — had a varied career. She started out teaching first-graders in Vermont, then was a technical publications editor at the U.S.

Please help us share their story by filling out this form. They were parents and retirees, police officers and doctors, imperfect but loved deeply. They got sick in the middle of big plans, just before anniversaries and birthdays and trips. There is a replica of the Fort Loramie trading post building in a park area in downtown Fort Loramie. Loramie later moved to Missouri with a band of Shawnees in 1787. He founded the city and the county of Cape Giradeau.

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